Career Report for Dani Greene

Class of 2013

No cross country results available.

Track Results

Season Records

Season Grade200m400m
2012Jr28.94 PR1:06.63 PR

By Event


Date Meet Result Div Record Place
3/28/13 Dual Meet (Torrance) 14.44cw V


Date Meet Result Div Record Place
3/24/12 California Relays 30.74 V
4/21/12 South Bay Championships 29.70 V PR (Δ=1.04,3.4%)
LR (Δ=1.04,3.4%)
4/30/12 Pioneer League Prelims 28.94 V PR (Δ=0.76,2.6%)
LR (Δ=0.76,2.6%)
3/28/13 Dual Meet (Torrance) 29.74cw V
4/16/13 Dual Meet (S. Torrance) 30.44c V
4/25/13 Dual Meet (N. Torrance) 29.84c V SR (Δ=-0.90,-3.1%)
LR (Δ=0.60,2.0%)


Date Meet Result Div Record Place
4/30/12 Pioneer League Prelims 1:06.63 V SR
5/2/12 Pioneer League Finals 1:07.07 V
3/16/13 Redondo Nike Track and Field Invitational 1:15.10 V
3/28/13 Dual Meet (Torrance) 1:12.34c V LR (Δ=2.76,3.7%)
4/16/13 Dual Meet (S. Torrance) 1:09.84c V LR (Δ=2.50,3.5%)
4/29/13 Pioneer League Prelims 1:07.94c V SR (Δ=-1.31,-2.0%)
LR (Δ=1.90,2.7%)


Date Meet Result Div Record Place
3/23/13 Santa Barbara Easter Relays 1:52.92 V
3/30/13 Mira Costa Mustang Relays 1:51.99 V PR (Δ=0.93,0.8%)
LR (Δ=0.93,0.8%)