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  • Alex Swanson, Jr
  • Alexander Tucker, Fr
  • Alexander Webb, Fr
  • Ayden Floyd, Fr
  • Blake Gambiani, So
  • Bobby Rios, Fr
  • Caleb Bickett, Sr
  • Carlos Aranda, So
  • Cesar Figueroa, Fr
  • Christopher Hollenbeck, So
  • Colton Crowther, Fr
  • Connor Taylor, So
  • Gabe Wamhoff, So
  • Jack Wildhart, Fr
  • Jaxon Lavelle, So
  • Jeremy Smith, Jr
  • Joseph Bacidore, Sr
  • Joseph Caracheo, So
  • Joseph Perez, Fr
  • Logan Corsolini, Sr
  • Ryan Bosi, Jr
  • Shane Scribner, Fr
  • Vance Pienta, So

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