Results from the Deer Valley Relays on 3/26/16

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Boys Individual Results

Boys Relay Results

Event Division Athletes Result
Last Year Result
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Last SR
Last PR
4x800m V Enrique Barajas, Declan Flanagan, Jack Stegner, Miguel Ruano 9:46.23 8:19.21 8:13.44
4x800m V Evan Lonestar, Eleazar Barajas, Michael McKenney, Matthew Williams 8:43.86 8:19.21 8:13.44
4x800m F/S Andrew Preusser, Joey Griffin, John Del Secco, Jeff Gilbert 10:48.30
4x800m F/S Cole Hahn, Alexander Szafranski, Tyler Pierce, Michael Salmon 9:18.28
4x800m F/S Jacob Schwarzenberger, Riley Hilt, James Flanagan, Shiv Bhairo 10:04.47
Distance Medley 12-4-8-16 V Evan Lonestar, Jack Stegner, Eleazar Barajas, Matthew Williams 11:29.93
Distance Medley 12-4-8-16 V Michael McKenney, Miguel Ruano, Taylor Ellis, Declan Flanagan 12:03.68
Distance Medley 12-4-8-16 F/S Cole Hahn, Tyler Pierce, Riley Hilt, Michael Salmon 12:09.17 11:51.04 10:56.55
Distance Medley 12-4-8-16 F/S Jacob Schwarzenberger, Joey Griffin, Shiv Bhairo, Alexander Szafranski 13:44.56 11:51.04 10:56.55

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A "c" following a time means it has been converted from hand-timed as follows: if the time is measured in 100ths of seconds, then round to the higher 10th, then add .24 for races less than a lap and .14 for races one lap or greater.