Results from the Leagaue Prelims on 5/4/10

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Boys Individual Results

Athlete Gr Event Div Result
Last Year Result
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Last SR
Last PR
Brian Rock Sr 800m V 2:07.08
Brandon Tao Jr 800m V 2:08.99
Jay Bonthius So 800m F/S 2:09.43
Eric Mendoza So 800m F/S 2:10.34
Max Chern Fr 800m F/S 2:12.22
Kaz Nishikawa Sr 800m JV 2:15.44
Chase Edwards So 800m F/S 2:17.01
Michael McComb Fr 800m F/S 2:18.38
Thomas Duckson Fr 800m JV 2:25.83
Dipto Chaudhuri Sr 800m JV 2:29.84
Jay Bonthius So 1600m F/S 4:54.88
Alex Sakamoto So 1600m F/S 4:54.88
Max Chern Fr 1600m F/S 4:54.93
Jordan Millington So 1600m F/S 4:55.32
Dipto Chaudhuri Sr 1600m JV 5:08.73
Michael McComb Fr 1600m F/S 5:14.17
Brenden Prieto So 1600m F/S 5:18.53
Thomas Duckson Fr 1600m JV 5:19.07
Huy Nguyen Fr 1600m JV 5:20.11
Kevin Mai So 1600m F/S 5:28.95
Vinson Tran Jr 1600m JV 5:47.85
Jordan Millington So 3200m F/S 10:00.98
Jay Bonthius So 3200m F/S 10:31.06
Alex Sakamoto So 3200m F/S 10:42.52
Eric Mendoza So 3200m F/S 10:56.42

Girls Individual Results

Athlete Gr Event Div Result
Last Year Result
Previous Result
Last SR
Last PR
Aini Morales Fr 800m F/S 2:35.42
Jessica Pokorski Sr 800m JV 2:40.23
Mari McCasland Jr 800m JV 2:46.77
Jessie Dubus Jr 800m JV 2:54.70
Camille Devita Jr 800m JV 2:57.21
Lupita Lopez Fr 800m F/S 3:05.71
Marissa Nickles So 1600m F/S 5:49.40
Eunice Kim Sr 1600m JV 5:52.60
Aini Morales Fr 1600m F/S 5:53.03
Jessica Pokorski Sr 1600m JV 5:56.60
Mari McCasland Jr 1600m JV 6:05.03
Khanh Nguyen So 1600m F/S 6:09.50
Kaylea Ketland Fr 1600m F/S 6:13.46
Summer Ordaz Fr 1600m F/S 6:14.68
Lupita Lopez Fr 1600m F/S 6:38.59
Destiny Fernando Jr 1600m JV 6:43.28
Linsey Tran Fr 1600m JV 7:05.53
Rachel Webb Fr 1600m F/S 7:22.93
Mallory Weinheimer Fr 1600m JV 7:32.69
Kendra Schlepphorst Jr 1600m JV 7:36.11
Eunice Kim Sr 3200m JV 12:23.62
Marissa Nickles So 3200m F/S 12:32.91
Khanh Nguyen So 3200m F/S 12:48.85
Summer Ordaz Fr 3200m F/S 13:28.66
Nina Rastogi Fr 3200m F/S 13:32.62
Victoria Le So 3200m F/S 13:35.96

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A "c" following a result means it has been converted from hand-timed by rounding up the measured time to the nearest tenth, then adding 0.24 seconds.