Results from the Winter Championships Qualifier @ on 1/13/18

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Boys Individual Results

Athlete Gr Event Div Result
Last Year Result
Previous Result
Last SR
Last PR
Donnie Marion Sr 60m 7.31
Axel Webster So 60m 7.70
Jonathon Shimizu So 60m 7.74
Matthew Lawler So 60m 7.90
Jonathan Ngo So 60m 7.96
Bryan Nguyen Fr 60m 8.09
David Doan Jr 60m 8.11
Marco Camacho So 60m 8.15
Hyrum Johnson So 60m 8.21
Bronson Hua So 60m 8.22
Matthew Cunnigham Fr 60m 8.23
Damon Dahl So 60m 8.24
Tim Duong Fr 60m 8.70
Isaac Gustin So 60m 8.71
Jason Dang Fr 60m 8.71
Josh Campbell Fr 60m 8.74
Donovan Crawford Fr 60m 9.09
Philip Nguyen Jr 60m 9.10
Alec Nguyen Fr 60m 9.16
Zachary Yeazell Fr 60m 10.08
Isaiah Galloway Sr 300m 37.37
Donnie Marion Sr 300m 37.47
Jevon Hill Sr 300m 38.69
Matthew Lawler So 300m 39.19
Jacob Ferris Sr 300m 39.69
Jason Lu Sr 300m 41.43
Marco Camacho So 300m 41.65
Derek Wong Jr 300m 42.73
Isaac Gustin Fr 300m 44.48
Donovan Crawford Fr 300m 45.62
Alec Nguyen Fr 300m 46.17
Zachary Yeazell Fr 300m 56.42
Jacob Ferris Sr 600m 1:30.48
Justin Schmidt Jr 600m 1:31.16
Esteban Prado Sr 1500m 4:18.20
Justin Schmidt Jr 1500m 4:34.40
Jevon Hill Sr 60m Hurdles - 39" 8.80
Scotty Ly 60m Hurdles - 39" 9.08
Andrew Nunes Jr 60m Hurdles - 39" 11.25
Johnny Orme Fr 60m Hurdles - 39" 13.14
Tim Duong Fr High Jump 4'8
Johnny Orme Fr High Jump 4'8
Forrest Reid So High Jump 5'4
David Straw Sr High Jump 5'10
Johnny Orme Fr Long Jump 14'3.5
Jason Dang Fr Long Jump 15'6.5
Tim Duong Fr Long Jump 16'1.5
John Pham So Long Jump 16'2.5
William Duong Jr Long Jump 16'3.5
Jonathon Shimizu So Long Jump 16'10.5
Hyrum Johnson So Long Jump 16'11
Bronson Hua So Long Jump 17'0.5
Jason Lu Sr Long Jump 17'4
Jordan Tran Sr Long Jump 17'7.5
Tommy Lu So Long Jump 18'2
Andrew Nunes Jr Long Jump 18'2.5
Thomas Do Sr Long Jump 20'5
Isaiah Galloway Sr Long Jump 20'5.5
David Straw Sr Long Jump 20'10
John Pham So Triple Jump 33'5.5
Jonathon Shimizu So Triple Jump 35'7.5
Andrew Nunes Jr Triple Jump 36'1
Hyrum Johnson So Triple Jump 36'7
Jason Lu Sr Triple Jump 38'5.5
David Straw Sr Triple Jump 41'2.5
Thomas Do Sr Triple Jump 41'10
Isaiah Galloway Sr Triple Jump 43'2.5

Girls Individual Results

Athlete Gr Event Div Result
Last Year Result
Previous Result
Last SR
Last PR
Katherine Ngo Sr 60m 8.50
Rachel Nguyen Grad 60m 8.66
Lisa Ransom Sr 60m 8.73
amie le Jr 60m 8.76
Diane Le Fr 60m 8.79
Lizy Chis Jr 60m 8.81
Tiffanie Hoang Sr 60m 9.01
Caitlyn Latsombath Sr 60m 9.04
Natasha Nehrbass Jr 60m 9.04
Jasmine Dang Sr 60m 9.07
Vivi Ha-Nghiem Sr 60m 9.23
Audrey Mai Fr 60m 9.31
Paige Davis So 60m 9.33
Ava Rahgoshay So 60m 9.38
Sophia Ngo So 60m 9.38
Lani Nguyen Fr 60m 9.50
Catherine Kim Fr 60m 9.56
Tiffanny Do 60m 9.67
Marilyn Le Fr 60m 9.67
Jasmin Ho Fr 60m 9.68
Tina Vu So 60m 9.71
Hillary Nguyen Fr 60m 10.07
Kelly Nguyen So 60m 10.14
Jasmine Rebollar Fr 60m 10.58
Lisa Ransom Sr 300m 45.42
Jasmine Dang Sr 300m 47.85
Brigitte Cung Jr 300m 47.88
Tiffanie Hoang Sr 300m 48.21
Rachel Nguyen Grad 300m 48.24
Natasha Nehrbass Jr 300m 49.17
Caitlyn Latsombath Sr 300m 49.49
Mihaela Cotociu Fr 300m 49.53
Sophia Ngo So 300m 50.06
Vivi Ha-Nghiem Sr 300m 50.58
Catherine Kim Fr 300m 50.67
Mona Takuma Fr 300m 50.70
Paige Davis So 300m 51.23
Audrey Mai Fr 300m 51.49
Ava Rahgoshay So 300m 52.61
Kelly Nguyen So 300m 53.52
Hillary Nguyen Fr 300m 53.72
Tina Vu So 300m 53.77
Miriam Serfezeu Fr 300m 54.89
Jasmin Ho Fr 300m 56.27
Jasmine Rebollar Fr 300m 57.30
Emily Olson Jr 600m 1:56.00
Abbey Rose So 600m 1:57.56
Courtnee Moreno Sr 60m Hurdles - 33" 9.76
Breanna Moreno Sr 60m Hurdles - 33" 10.18
Anh Nguyen Jr 60m Hurdles - 33" 11.44
Caitlyn Latsombath Sr 60m Hurdles - 33" 11.50
Sofia Yeatman Sr 60m Hurdles - 33" 11.78
Paige Davis So 60m Hurdles - 33" 11.92
Amy-Grace Ratanapratum So 60m Hurdles - 33" 12.00
Sofia Yeatman Sr High Jump 4'4
Lani Nguyen Fr Long Jump 12'0
Tiffanny Do Long Jump 12'8.5
Kacy Do So Long Jump 12'9
Trisha Lu Fr Long Jump 12'11.75
Mihaela Cotociu Fr Long Jump 13'4
Asla Newell Long Jump 13'8.75
Meghan Powers Jr Long Jump 14'0
Vy Truong So Long Jump 14'3.75
Diane Le Fr Long Jump 14'7
Amy-Grace Ratanapratum So Long Jump 15'1.25
ELIZABETH Chis Long Jump 15'2
Dorothy Ngo Sr Long Jump 15'6.75
Anh Nguyen Jr Long Jump 15'8
Courtnee Moreno Sr Long Jump 16'4
Breanna Moreno Sr Long Jump 16'10.25

All columns are sortable by clicking on the column heading. Improvement columns sort by event, then percent improvement.
A "c" following a time means it has been converted from hand-timed as follows: if the time is measured in 100ths of seconds, then round to the higher 10th, then add .24 for races less than a lap and .14 for races one lap or greater.