Results from the Sprint Time Trial 1 on 2/18/13

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Boys Individual Results

Athlete Gr Event Div Result
Last Year Result
Previous Result
Last SR
Last PR
Pacheco, Joshua Jr 100m 11.84c 11.67 11.67
Dinsmore, Jack So 100m 12.04c 11.94 11.94
Doby III, Henry Jr 100m 12.14c
Vinzon, Nathan So 100m 12.44c
Fleishman, Noah So 100m 12.54c
Ferrer, Nicholas Jr 100m 12.64c
Au, Malcolm Jr 100m 12.64c
Negrete, Rory So 100m 12.84c
Lambert, Isaac Fr 100m 13.04c
Cox, Andrew So 100m 13.44c
Gertych, Pawel So 100m 13.54c
Henseler, Andrew Fr 100m 13.64c
Edwards, Zach Jr 100m 13.84c
Rubalcava, JP So 100m 13.94c 13.04 13.04
Nakanishi, Thomas Fr 100m 14.54c
Martin, Tim Fr 100m 14.74c
Benitez, Cristian So 100m 14.84c
Melanson, Evan Fr 100m 14.84c
Dinsmore, Jack So 200m 26.04c 23.74 23.74
Doby III, Henry Jr 200m 26.24c
Negrete, Rory So 200m 26.34
Ferrer, Nicholas Jr 200m 26.34c
Pacheco, Joshua Jr 200m 26.44c
Au, Malcolm Jr 200m 26.64c
Cox, Andrew So 200m 27.54c
Fleishman, Noah So 200m 27.54c
Lambert, Isaac Fr 200m 27.94c
Gertych, Pawel So 200m 28.54c
Rubalcava, JP So 200m 28.84c 25.70 25.70
Vinzon, Nathan So 200m 28.84c
Henseler, Andrew Fr 200m 29.14c
Edwards, Zach Jr 200m 29.74c
Doering, Russell So 200m 30.34c
Martin, Tim Fr 200m 30.34c
Nakanishi, Thomas Fr 200m 30.44c
Benitez, Cristian So 200m 31.64c
Melanson, Evan Fr 200m 32.94c
Doby III, Henry Jr 400m 54.94c
Ferrer, Nicholas Jr 400m 58.64c
Cox, Andrew So 400m 1:00.44c 58.66 57.93
Negrete, Rory So 400m 1:00.77
Gertych, Pawel So 400m 1:02.54c
Dinsmore, Jack So 400m 1:03.04c
Rubalcava, JP So 400m 1:04.44c
Lambert, Isaac Fr 400m 1:05.44c
Henseler, Andrew Fr 400m 1:06.74c
Doering, Russell So 400m 1:06.74c
Au, Malcolm Jr 400m 1:06.94c
Nakanishi, Thomas Fr 400m 1:07.54c
Martin, Tim Fr 400m 1:07.74c
Vinzon, Nathan So 400m 1:08.94c
Edwards, Zach Jr 400m 1:09.54c
Pacheco, Joshua Jr 400m 1:12.04c
Benitez, Cristian So 400m 1:12.54c
Melanson, Evan Fr 400m 1:17.34c
Fleishman, Noah So 400m 1:32.04c

Girls Individual Results

Athlete Gr Event Div Result
Last Year Result
Previous Result
Last SR
Last PR
Owens, Kaley Sr 100m 13.54c 12.93 12.93
Van Eimeren, Niko So 100m 14.04c 13.68 13.54
Brooks, Kendall So 100m 14.14c
Ramirez, Kayla Fr 100m 14.50
Lee, Samantha So 100m 14.54c 13.74 13.74
Fenton, Gabriella Fr 100m 14.74c
Ramirez, Kayla Fr 100m 14.74c
Virkler, Kristen Jr 100m 14.74c 13.34 13.34
Studier, Greta So 100m 14.84c
Padilla, Leilani So 100m 14.94c
Giangrande, Natalie So 100m 15.14c 14.15 14.15
Lavoie, Erin So 100m 15.14c
Lund, Tabatha Fr 100m 15.14c
lacy, Jazzmine Fr 100m 15.14c
Lopez, Alyssa Fr 100m 15.44c
Yob, Brenna Fr 100m 15.54c
Farello, Juliana Fr 100m 15.84c
Pirsztuk, Mikyla Fr 100m 16.04c
Sun, Sophia So 100m 16.14c
Dunaetz, Madison So 100m 16.44c
Sapanza, Reed Fr 100m 16.78
Owens, Kaley Sr 200m 28.54c
Van Eimeren, Niko So 200m 30.14c 27.99 27.99
Lee, Samantha So 200m 31.24c 28.23 28.23
Studier, Greta So 200m 31.54c
Virkler, Kristen Jr 200m 31.54c 27.31 27.31
Brooks, Kendall So 200m 31.64c
Lund, Tabatha Fr 200m 31.94c
Fenton, Gabriella Fr 200m 32.04c
Ramirez, Kayla Fr 200m 32.14c
Giangrande, Natalie So 200m 32.14c
Lopez, Alyssa Fr 200m 32.14c
Padilla, Leilani So 200m 32.44c
Lavoie, Erin So 200m 32.74c
Farello, Juliana Fr 200m 33.74c
Pirsztuk, Mikyla Fr 200m 34.14c
Yob, Brenna Fr 200m 34.47
Dunaetz, Madison So 200m 34.94c
lacy, Jazzmine Fr 200m 34.94c
Sun, Sophia So 200m 35.54c
Sapanza, Reed Fr 200m 37.57
Owens, Kaley Sr 400m 1:06.64c
Brooks, Kendall So 400m 1:07.54c 1:05.36 1:05.25
Studier, Greta So 400m 1:11.54c
Van Eimeren, Niko So 400m 1:11.84c
Lund, Tabatha Fr 400m 1:13.54c
Ramirez, Kayla Fr 400m 1:13.74c
Virkler, Kristen Jr 400m 1:14.14c
Fenton, Gabriella Fr 400m 1:14.24c
Lee, Samantha So 400m 1:14.44c
Giangrande, Natalie So 400m 1:14.64c
Lopez, Alyssa Fr 400m 1:15.34c
Padilla, Leilani So 400m 1:15.64c
Farello, Juliana Fr 400m 1:17.54c
Yob, Brenna Fr 400m 1:18.04c
Dunaetz, Madison So 400m 1:20.04c
Pirsztuk, Mikyla Fr 400m 1:20.24c
Lavoie, Erin So 400m 1:22.94c
Sun, Sophia So 400m 1:27.04c
Sapanza, Reed Fr 400m 1:29.26
lacy, Jazzmine Fr 400m 1:29.74c

All columns are sortable by clicking on the column heading. Improvement columns sort by event, then percent improvement.
A "c" following a time means it has been converted from hand-timed as follows: if the time is measured in 100ths of seconds, then round to the higher 10th, then add .24 for races less than a lap and .14 for races one lap or greater.