Results from the Team Time Trials on 2/25/16

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Boys Individual Results

Athlete Gr Event Div Result
Last Year Result
Previous Result
Last SR
Last PR
Reynolds, Stephan Sr 300m V 36.94
Batilando, Miguel Jr 300m V 37.36
Gallardo, Diego Jr 300m V 38.03
Law, Bryce Fr 300m F/S 38.47
McCullaugh, Colm Sr 300m V 39.73
Williams, Zach Jr 300m V 40.21
Retodo, Ashton Fr 300m F/S 40.76
Angeles, Jack Jr 300m V 41.00
Mumm, Jack Fr 300m F/S 41.08
Gillis, Josh So 300m F/S 41.36
Lee, Abraham Fr 300m F/S 42.24
Baleria, Michael Jr 300m V 42.28
Fines, Chris So 300m F/S 42.51
Reyes, Christian Jr 300m V 42.85
Nguyen, Andrew Fr 300m F/S 43.18
Beardslee, Nick Fr 300m F/S 43.58
Roddy, Cameron Fr 300m F/S 43.67
Smith, Hunter Fr 300m F/S 44.55
Lang, Jair Fr 300m F/S 44.94
Appel, Chris Jr 300m V 45.22
Vigil, Spencer Fr 300m F/S 45.59
Turner, Robert Fr 300m F/S 45.66
Beardsley, Peter So 300m F/S 46.17
McClain, Keegan Fr 300m F/S 46.34
Bailey, Kendric Fr 300m F/S 47.12
Catambay, Sedrick So 300m F/S 47.81
Paulo, Jason Fr 300m F/S 47.82
Jahn, Kevin Fr 300m F/S 48.02
Francisco, Jared Fr 300m F/S 49.71
Alaniz, Preston So 300m F/S 50.98
Le, Ethan Fr 300m F/S 52.78
Ito, Jacob Fr 300m F/S 53.00
Flores, Benjamin Fr 300m F/S 54.54
Cummings, Patrick Sr 1200m V 3:19.23
Jones, Brendan Jr 1200m V 3:25.27
Holland, Benjamin Jr 1200m V 3:27.72
Vincent, David So 1200m F/S 3:30.74
Sickman, Matthew Sr 1200m V 3:31.55
Caslin, Patrick Jr 1200m V 3:32.00
Rahe, Jordan So 1200m V 3:34.14
Worthen, Miles Fr 1200m F/S 3:36.27
Petty, Alex Fr 1200m F/S 3:38.93
Bell, Robert Jr 1200m V 3:39.43
Tyree, Alex Jr 1200m V 3:39.47
Russell, Todd Fr 1200m F/S 3:40.35
Brannan, Colin Fr 1200m F/S 3:41.21
Ryan, Colin Fr 1200m F/S 3:42.09
Flores, Anthony Jr 1200m V 3:45.08
Hurd, Brandon So 1200m F/S 3:45.70
Griffin, Matthew Sr 1200m V 3:45.72
Brannan, Tim Jr 1200m V 3:46.90
Lovely, Gabriel Fr 1200m F/S 3:48.44
Baer, Cole So 1200m F/S 3:53.91
Noll, Steven Fr 1200m F/S 3:56.97
Canalas, Robert Fr 1200m F/S 3:58.19
Kustic, Russell Fr 1200m F/S 3:58.46
Mlikotin, Alec Fr 1200m F/S 4:13.65
Price, Ian Fr 1200m F/S 4:35.26
Manus, Matthew So 1200m F/S 4:36.38
Bernardi, Saverio Fr 1200m F/S 4:36.65

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A "c" following a result means it has been converted from hand-timed by rounding up the measured time to the nearest tenth, then adding 0.24 seconds.